Tiancheng actively implements the strategy of strengthening the enterprise through human resource development, and takes measures to recruit and retain talents. 

     Moreover, Tiancheng creates good atmosphere for employees to show their talents, support them in terms of benefit package, software and hardware, and grant outstanding personnel with honors, rewards and titles. 

     Tiancheng is recruiting talents and welcome to join us to create a brighter future together! 

     Recruiting positions are as follows: 

Tel: 0537-3123092

Contact person: Mr. Yang

Qilu Talent Network: enter the company name "Shandong Tiancheng Wanfeng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd." and log in


Application address: South of Xi'an East Road, Yanzhou Economic Development Zone (south of West Road, intersection of Yanzhou Dayu Xiang North Yanzhou railway station)

Warm tip: the company never entrusts any intermediary or individual for recruitment. In order to prevent your legitimate rights and interests from being infringed, please call the company for consultation in time or send your resume (including photos) directly from Qilu talent network. The person who is convenient can also bring photos and relevant certificates directly to the company for registration.

The company always adheres to the enterprise spirit of " Honesty, integrity, pragmatism, and efficiency", adheres to condensing people with broad development prospects, motivates people with ambitious career goals, and is committed to providing every employee with an opportunity and stage to fully display their talents by establishing a scientific and effective talent mechanism and creating a good talent growth environment, so that all kinds of talents can have success and reality Opportunities and platforms for self-worth! At the same time, the company is eager to call the vast number of chemical talents of Yanzhou nationality abroad to actively return to their hometown for development and achievements, support the construction of Yanzhou hometown with passion and practical action, and repay the kindness of their hometown's upbringing!