Tiancheng Implements the Epidemic Prevention and Control

On February 19, Tiancheng Chemical officially resume the production, every employee entering the factory was required to wait in line to measure body temperature and fill in relevant registration form, all transport vehicles were disinfected by special disinfectant when driving in and out the factory, and foreign vehicles were not allowed to drive in and out the factory. The small entrance guard detection point was equipped with thermometers, masks, disinfectants, employee access registration form, non-employee access registration form, disinfection form and other kinds of access registration forms. 

In the morning, workers wore masks to participate in the work resumption mobilization meeting and comprehensively checked the safety risks of the whole factory under the leadership of cadre staff; The front-line workers wore gloves to disinfect the special disinfection areas and workshops. With the clear division of work, workers carried out the epidemic prevention and control orderly to ensure the safety production. After the disinfection, workers return to duty to formally start the operation as usual. 

   "Balance the epidemic prevention and control and the production", "Entering the factory is just like going back to your home, work hard, reduce getting around and aggregation" and other eye-catching banners and attentive slogans hung everywhere in the factory. The equipment in the production workshops was operated as usual, workers wore the masks to enter the working statue.     In addition, workers had meals in strict accordance with regulations. Different from the past, there are small sprinkling can with disinfectant at the entrance for the disinfection of workers. Moreover, under the policy of peak shifting dinning, workers prepared their own tableware and had meals individually in the separate table, to make every effort to implement the epidemic prevention and control measures. 

   Are you not battle-dressed? Let's share the plate for breast! In this white war, no matter the severe situation of the epidemic, Tiancheng Chemical is "united as one" and has established the "strong fortress". During the epidemic prevention and control, everyone is the warrior to fight against the COVID-19 with concrete actions.