Notification on Four "One" Safety Production Work during the Epidemic Prevention and Control and Work Resumption

Currently, with the severe situation of COVID-19 prevention and control, to properly copy with the safety production during the epidemic prevention and control of enterprise and work resumption, further increase the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency for fighting the outbreak of the COVID-19, effectively avoid various safety production accidents and ensure the security of the enterprise and staff, Notifications on Four "One" Safety Production Work during the Epidemic Prevention and Control and Work Resumption are as follows: 

I. Comprehensively check the security risks 

Under unremitting efforts, we got the work resumption approval by the government on February 16. We should carefully take comprehensive measures in all aspects to make preparation for work resumption, and eliminate the government's worry about us, to avoid making any mistakes; Therefore, before work resumption, a comprehensive inspection, overhaul and test should be carried out to the trimethylamine tank area, epoxy tank area, various electric and special equipment and facilities, especially, mainly inspect the implementation of the preventive measures to completely check the risks existing the production area, effectively avoid all kinds of accidents. 

II. Seriously organize a staff safety training 

It has been one month since the Spring Festival holiday on January 20. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a safety knowledge reeducation and retraining activity for all resumption employees, especially, it should focus on the epidemic prevention and control, enterprise management and control and individual protection, to help employee enter the working statue psychologically, and we should re-strengthen the safety responsibility of operating personnel of main and key posts. 

III. Strictly implement a safety responsibility commitment 

We will hold the safety production meeting, shift meeting, pre-shift meeting and post-shift meeting to actively divide and sort all work of safety production, splitting up work and strengthening awareness level by level, strictly implement a safety responsibility commitment, even the pledge, to clarify responsibilities of the responsible people in charge of safety production, workshop directors, shift leaders and employees, to achieve that determine responsibility by post, fulfill duty by responsibility and make report in case of problems. 

IV. Effectively formulate a set of emergency disposal plan 

According to the epidemic situation and actual situation of the enterprise, timely formulate a set of emergency disposal scheme for factory-entering procedure, peak shifting dining and emergency situation of employees, strengthen the emergency rescue response to timely solve problems. So, we should take measures to supervise employees to take individual protection, properly make the shift plan, to achieve the complete safety management and epidemic prevention and control, and avoid the safety risks arising from speeding up production, process or carelessness and halfheartedness. 

In conclusion, we should resume work in strict accordance with the required procedures, and take comprehensive measures, to take advantage of this opportunity to improve the safety awareness of employees, and take actions in accordance with guidance, and implement regulations resolutely!