Follow These Common Senses during the Epidemic Prevention and Control and Work Resumption

According to the Notification on Strengthening the Scientific Epidemic Prevention and Control and Well Preparing the Work Resumption of Enterprises issued by the Working mechanism for Joint Prevention and Control Against the Corona Virus Disease in 2019 (the "COVID-19") of the State Council, to deeply implement the epidemic prevention and control and work resumption of enterprise regulated by the Party Central Committee, provincial and municipal government, and ensure the balance of epidemic prevention and control and the economic and social development, minimizing the adverse effects arising from the outbreak of the epidemic. 

Follow below common senses during the work resumption.

I. Dormitory 

Maintain good indoor ventilation (open the windows for at least 30min each time), disinfect the floor by 84 disinfectant for twice a day. 

II. Commuter 

Measure body temperature, fill in the registration form, wear the mask in the regular buses, or even distance yourself with others, and do not communicate with others. 

III. Canteen 

Implement peak shifting dining, do not have a meal with others face to face; Before the meal, please wash your hands firstly, take off your mask at the last moment before dining, do not communicate with others. 

IV. Office 

Employees should wear masks, and wash hands firstly after arriving at the unit, and keep proper distance when talking with others. Maintain good indoor ventilation, disinfect the office supplies often used by ethyl alcohol. It is suggested not to turn on the central air-conditioning unless it is very cold in the office, to avoid the viral transmission. 

V. Elevator 

It is suggested that employees reduce the frequency to take the elevator, if necessary, do not take off the masks, and push the elevator button with your finger covered with the napkin in the elevator, if you push the elevator button directly by your finger, please wash hands timely. 

VI. Psychology 

Employees should have firm faith and confidence to believe that we can successfully overcome the epidemic under the support of advanced technology, medical treatment and information means. Employees should actively select and filter information and learn the prevention and control knowledge through correct ways to strengthen the individual protection. 

VII. Warning 

It is forbidden to fabricate and spread false information related to the epidemic, or designedly disseminate the false information on WeChat, Weibo, QQ and other social platforms and website, BBS and other information network platforms or media. 

In addition, employees are required to provide true information concerning the individual abnormalities, trips to or from the epidemic areas, history of close exposure, to achieve "early discovery, early reporting, early quarantine and early treatment", taking the responsibility for the safety of yourself, family members and others.